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North Caliber is an end-to-end bpm outsourcing services provider. With proven capabilities and deep domain expertise, we address your business challenges through our integrated IT and business process outsourcing solutions that address critical business functions. Our services help clients to improve the top and bottom line of the business and improve sales and client satisfaction. 

Banking & financial

The banking and financial services industry has a brand new avatar as the world moves from everything brick and mortar to digital; from large segment-based approaches to more personal and customized strategies. from fixed-time limited products and services to an anytime-anywhere approach across myriad new innovative banking and financial products and services. This change impacts every segment of banking ─ consumer, retail, commercial, mortgage, wealth and investment and so on. We offer a comprehensive range of BPM services across the entire spectrum of banking and financial services to help rein in the cost of processing transactions owing to increased regulatory requirements, to better handle volume spikes, and to use technology and analytics to cater to changed client preferences.


We deliver intelligent health operations that improve patient outcomes, keep costs under control and increase consumer and provider engagement. We help our clients drive breakthrough growth by combining deep healthcare delivery experience and subject matter expertise with analytics, automation, artificial intelligence and innovative talent. Our services include medical transcription, patient contact and support and all backend data processing for the healthcare industry. We embed digital transformation in operations end-to-end, driving superior outcomes and value realization today, while enabling streamlined operations to serve the emerging health care market of tomorrow.


There has been a rapid change in the insurance industry, driven by digital, demanding customer expectations, agile competitors, evolving regulations and innovative business models. These factors are both individually and collectively powering a dramatic shift. While companies need to consider digitally-savvy customers’ appetite for innovative and personalized products and services, they also have to contend with the growing footprint of Insurance Tech companies and technology giants. Our digital-led insurance services help businesses scale faster and respond quickly to changing market conditions, achieve improved risk mitigation, reduce indemnity spends, lower cost of service and enhance end-customer experience.


In today’s digital economy, Customer Experience has undoubtedly turned out to be the biggest driver of retail success. As enterprises operate in a highly competitive and dynamic environment, they must put themselves in a position to constantly gauge what really matters to their customers. But to acquire that ability, companies need to adopt customer experience as the underpinning for their business and digital transformation strategies. We enable retail businesses to re-imagine integration of people, data and processes to create competitive advantage in a digital-first world. Our industry specific Retail solutions include 24X7 Customer support, claims and product returns, refund processing and complaint handling.


The presence of Internet service providers, social media companies and app makers is compelling telecom companies to constantly evolve new business models and innovative offerings to enhance customer experience and reduce customer churn. However, in the new digital ecosystem, retaining new customers or acquiring new ones is only part of the challenge. Businesses struggle to monetize value-added services from customers accustomed to free Internet content. Additionally, telecom companies look for operational efficiency to sustain their advantage in the traditional value chain or traditional networks while keeping costs low.


As the global demand for travel and leisure services grows, the industry must keep up with customer expectations in a digitally connected world. In response, companies are being compelled to create new business models to improve customer satisfaction while balancing costs. Stricter environmental regulations, talent management and the need for entering new markets are merely some of the many imperatives for travel and leisure companies. Our solutions span core to non-core functions for companies in this industry, driving business outcomes such as building sustainable customer relationships, improving operational efficiencies, adopting new technologies and entering new markets. We combine our solutions with deep domain expertise and experience to deliver a profound bottom-line impact on the business.